Safespace Utah offers a range of wildfire mitigation services from reliable fuels specialists. Creating your defensible space is our top priority.

Wildfire is a natural part of our ecosystem, however it poses a serious threat to our communities in the wildland urban interface, and Utah communities are no exception.  In 2005, the state of Utah identified almost 600 communities as “at risk” from wildland fire (see the listing here). They looked at fire history, vegetation, firefighting capabilities, and other risk factors to determine an overall score for each community.  See where your community rates here. Safespace Utah can help.

Spacespace Utah knows how to create a defensible space around at-risk homes, while keeping the natural habitat that homeowners love. Further more, defensible space can help you with insurance costs as well. Major insurance companies are checking whether or not homeowners are safeguarding their homes from the threat of wildfires [read].

Safespace is a licensed and insured company that specializes in creating defensible space to potentially save your home and protect your investment.


It pays to safeguard your home against the threat of wildfires.

Services also include:

  • fuel breaks
  • forest thinning
  • invasive species management
  • herbicide application
  • insurance inspections

Contact Safespace for a free defensible space assessment and estimate.